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Instant eye lift

WONDERSTRIPES – prevent hooded lids. Lid lifting made easy and without surgery!

What exactly are hooded lids? Hooded lids are when the upper eyelid is only partially visible or totally concealed when the eye is open. Our eye lift tapes help make those hooded lids vanish, leaving you with naturally beautiful eyes without the need for expensive and painful eyelid surgery!

WONDERSTRIPES are a true beauty wonder, helping you achieve a fresh, glowing look in just a few easy steps – the best prerequisite for radiating youthfulness and charisma. The dermatologically tested eyelid correction patches have an eyelid lifting effect. Simply place in the crease of the eyelid to create bigger-looking eyes that appear instantly radiant and unbelievably fresh. Fantastic results can be achieved, especially for drooping eyelids, tired, small eyes or hooded lids. Brilliant!

An unpleasant appearance around the eye area, which brings the age or disposition with it are drooping eyelids. The upper eyelid drooping eyelids in are the equivalent to the puffiness in the lower eyelid. Contact with the years, faster if comes up short on the duration of sleep. One speaks of drooping eyelids when the eyelid is in the eye is opened or only partially visible, since it collapse slack skin above the eye. This may be in addition to the aesthetic point of view, like a tired and sad appearance, bring other disadvantages: The flaccid drooping eyelids can narrow the field considerably and thus reduce the view. People who suffer from drooping eyelids, a fast and effective solution wishes.

One of these vulnerabilities are known as drooping eyelids, also called hanging eyelids. These denote upper and / or lower eyelids hanging visible. Drooping eyelids may have been inherited, or form with age. You are an aesthetic problem in the first place, but can also be a medical problem when the eyelids are so attached that they limit the field of view.

The human eyelid consists of connective tissue, muscles and skin. It is concluded consciously or a reflex, and protects our eyes. A possible disease of the eyelids are the so-called drooping eyelids (a malposition), in this case, the field of view, despite the eyelids open more or less restricted. Elderly people in particular are affected by a relaxation of the tissue of drooping eyelids. Treatment of malposition or its symptoms is possible by eye drops or eye ointments.

 Drooping eyelids are the horror of many women. You make the face seem sluggish and grumpy and who has them, they want to get rid of. For the reason women are looking for new methods. The most radical way to get rid of the sagging skin, is a plastic surgery. But there is also a softer approach - by using adhesive tapes that are stuck in the crease.

WONDERSTRIPES - the original beauty tape against drooping eyelids

The dermatologically tested eyelid correction patch to guarantee you a fresh, radiant look and a younger overall appearance!

The small, transparent beauty Tapes function as an eyelid-lift and help within seconds to a fresh, radiant look. Simply place in the crease, even the eye is increased: The view has an immediate radiant and incredibly fresh. Especially with hanging eyelids, for tired little eyes or drooping eyelids can achieve great results. Available in 3 sizes.

 We all love little beauty tricks to outwit nature a little. Just actors and models to know what you can achieve with the right hand grips and swear to the new "wonder weapon". Wonderstripes help within seconds to a fresh, radiant look. They are easy to use, you do not feel on the lid and keep it throughout the day. The small transparent patch work like an eyelid-lift and can be used in women and men of all ages. Simply placed in the crease, even the eye is increased: The view has an immediate radiant and incredibly fresh. Especially with hanging eyelids, for tired little eyes or drooping eyelids can achieve great results. Wonderstripes - the clever eyelid-lift! The new beauty trick of the stars. Simply beautiful eyes in seconds. Drooping and hooded eyelids goodbye!